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          Yixing Lark Fine Chemical



          Yixing Lark Fine Chemical


          Magnesium oxide (CP2010)

          Properties White powder, odorless, tasteless.
          Approval No. GYZZ H32026265
          Quality Index CP 2010
          Inspection items Standard
          Identification positive
          Alkalinity Yellow to red
          Color of acidic solution Colorless
          Calcium oxide 0.5%MAX
          Chloride 0.14%MAX
          Sulfate 0.30%MAX
          Carbonate Shall not be intumescent
          Acid insolubles 0.10%(HCL)MAX
          Soluble substances 2.0%MAX
          Loss on ignition 5.0%MAX
          Ferric salt 0.05%MAX
          Manganese salt 0.003%MAX
          Heavy metal 0.004%MAX
          Arsenic 0.0005%MAX
          Assay 96.5%MIN
          Use This product is mainly used in pharmaceutical, as antacid or API.
          Specification Net wt 25kg, double-layer package (plastic bag lined woven bag).
          Storage Sealed storage


          Lark Fine Chemical

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