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          Yixing Lark Fine Chemical



          Yixing Lark Fine Chemical


          Rubber Vulcanization Accelerant BZ(ZDBC)

          Product name Zinc Dibutyl Dithiocarbamate
          Structural formula
          Chemical formula C18H36N2S4Zn
          Molecular weight 474.14
          Quality Index
          Index name Index
          Appearance off-white powder
          Melting point ℃ >103.0
          Moisture % <0.50
          Zn % <17-21
          Residue on sieve (100mesh sieve)% <0.1
          Use It is an excellent accelerant for natural rubber, synthetic adhesive and latex, has a high critical vulcanization temperature. The most favorable temperature varies between 95 to 110. This product has a large solubility in organic solvent, and usually used in low temperature vulcanization latex, do not to use in early stage vulcanization can greatly improve the ageing resistance of crosslinked rubber. It can be used as the anti-ager for polyurethane, all purpose adhesive and alkene rubber.
          Packing woven bagwith plastic bag, kraft compound bag, net wt 25kg.


          Lark Fine Chemical

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