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          Yixing Lark Fine Chemical



          Yixing Lark Fine Chemical


          Accelerant DPTT( Accelerant TRA)

          Product name dipentamothylenc thiuram tctrasulfide
          Structural formula
          Molecular weight 384.7
          Properties white or gray yellow pwder;relative density:1.41-1.50;melting point;not lower than 110;insoluble in crbon bisulfide,chloroform,carbon tetrachloride,water;tasteless and innocuity;stable in storage.
          Quality Index Conform to the enterprise standard.
          Index name Index
          Melting point ℃ 110max
          Loss on heat % 1.0nin
          Ash % 0.5min
          Residue on sieve (300mesh)% 0.1min
          Use natural,synthetic rubber,latex,accelerant.Free sulfur may be decomposed if the product is heated.It also can be used as curing agent which the sulfur content is 25%.The cross linked rubber performs well on heat resistance and aging resistance.It may easily be detracted in water and dry rubber,with no pollution.It is used to produce heat resistance products and cables.
          Notice tasteless and innocuity.
          Packing and storage woven bag or drum lined with plastic bag. be stored and transported as common chemicals.


          Lark Fine Chemical

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