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          Yixing Lark Fine Chemical



          Yixing Lark Fine Chemical


          Antioxidant DNP

          Properties Pure produce is light flaky crystal,, industrial products is light color powder. If the goods have been irradiated by the light long time, it will be change taupe slowly. soluble in hot aniline and nitrobenzene, not easily soluble in benzene, ethyl acetate, ethyl chloride in alcohol and ether, soluble in hot acetic acid
          Chemical formula C26H20N2
          Molecular weight 360.46
          Quality Index
          Index name Index
          Melting point ℃ 225.0min
          2-Naphthol % 0.30max
          Ash % 0.50max
          Loss on heat % 0.50max
          Residue on sieve (1600hole/cm2)% 99.50 min
          In accordance with: the enterprise standard, Q/320282NAC001-2000.
          Use Widely used in cable, elastic rubber and other industrial rubber products and brown or dark latex products.
          Packing carton10kg/box


          Lark Fine Chemical

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